The municipal elections will be held on the 9th of April in Lappeenranta. I’m directing this message to everyone who lives in Lappeenranta, but does not necessarily speak Finnish.

There are lots of people working and studying in Lappeenranta nowadays, who come from abroad. I have lived several years in Russia and USA myself, and I know that learning the ropes in a foreign community is not always just peaches and cream. The Finnish society and way of life, entrepreneurship, work life and so on has it’s pros and cons. As an entrepreneur myself I respect the hard work of managing one’s life and business in a new environment.

I want Lappeenranta to be an international city that is open to the world. Of course we need more jobs for everyone, both Finns and people from other countries alike. We need people from all over the world to work, run their businesses and projects in Lappeenranta, because it will make us all smarter and more prosperous.

I’m willing to serve as a representative of the international community in Lappeenranta City council if you like. If you are eligible to vote in the municipal elections in Lappeenranta, please use your right to do so. Furthermore, I would be most grateful, if you would choose me as your representative and write number 222 in the voting ballot.

Please, feel free to be in touch with me if you have questions or would like to know something more.

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Twitter: @jukka_kopra
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